SiSAL (Signal Sensing and Application Laboratory) was established in September 2007 in the College of EECS at National Tsing Hua University. The primary goal of SiSAL is the research and development of innovative circuit and system level solutions in CMOS imaging sensor IC, Analog Front End (AFE), Smart Sensor with Image Application, Analog and Mixed-Mode IC and Biomedical Applications. The Research objective of SiSAL is inline with industry and other research center demands and is ensured by regular interaction. As a part of the Laboratory of Reliable Computing (LaRC), an academic research/industry and university consortium, SiSAL strives to create breakthroughs beneficial to the focused research areas. In recent years, many researches have been approved by international conferences such as IEEE ISSCC, IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits, IEEE A-SSCC and IEEE ISCAS, etc.; also by international journals such as IEEE JSSC, IEEE T-CAS I/II, etc.

SiSAL (訊號感測與應用實驗室)於2007年9月在國立清華大學電機資訊學院成立。致力於CMOS影像感測IC、類比前端電路(AFE)、智慧影像感測、類比與混合訊號IC以及生醫相關應用,研發前瞻電路與系統。同時,SiSAL也和產業界與研究法人維持密切合作,以回應合作對象對於CMOS影像感測、類比數位轉換器(ADC)的需求。身為可靠運算研究群(LaRC,由清華大學眾多實驗室結盟)的一員,SiSAL正不斷地研發前瞻的電路,尋求規格上與應用上的突破。近年來,許多研究成果已經獲得IEEE ISSCC、IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits、IEEE A-SSCC、IEEE ISCAS等國際研討會以及IEEE JSSC、IEEE T-CAS I/II等國際期刊認可。

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